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Stego Socks

Follow the path that calls you in socks that will support your every adventure! Stego is an affordable, high-quality brand that builds their socks around the idea that everyone can get out and explore the great outdoors in comfort. Their lineup of premium hiking, running, athletic, and casual socks will have your feet covered and comfortable for life! All Stego socks are proudly made in North Carolina and covered by the Stego Lifetime Guarantee.



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What goes into a sock? Learn more about selecting the right sock for you.


Let’s point out the obvious here, socks are manufactured in varying lengths, and sometimes, the different lengths can get pretty confusing when you’re trying to pick the right sock for you.
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We watch our weight! Fabric weight, that is. Ultralight, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy, the type of padding and insulation you’ll need in a sock varies depending on your activity.
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Fabric content determines whether a sock is best for hiking, running or everyday wear. Information about the fibers used in our socks can be found easily on the product page.

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