Guide to Sock Lengths

Let’s point out the obvious here, socks are manufactured in varying lengths, and sometimes, the different lengths can get pretty confusing when you’re trying to pick the right sock for you. Luckily, the Soxperts can help clear things up so you won’t have to think twice the next time you want to buy socks!

Before choosing a sock, there are a few things you should consider:

  • What activity you need it for
  • How often you’ll be wearing it 
  • When you’ll likely be wearing it (time of year) 

Each of these things attribute to the sock length you choose, so it’s important to think about any and all factors. For example, you’ll likely need a boot sock for hiking and hunting because you’ll be wearing boots in the outdoors where it can get cold. Likewise, you’ll probably want a hidden no show sock for summer sneakers and perhaps a no show or micro crew sock for running in warmer weather. Quarter crew or knee high socks are great trail running or running in colder weather.

You see, there are so many socks out there varying by length, thickness, material, activity, and more, and we want to make sure you choose the right one that suits all your needs.

Here are our categories for sock lengths:

*Please note that sock lengths vary by brand.

Hidden socks are perfect for flats, boat shoes, or summer sneakers like TOMS or Sperry’s when you don’t want your socks to show. They cover your toes and rest just under your heel so they’ll always be out of sight.

No Show socks are exactly as the name suggests: socks that don’t show. Our no show socks rest just below your ankle, and are great for running and walking in warmer weather, or for those days you go hard in the gym without being seen.

Mini Crew socks will have about a 1-inch rise above ankle. Perfect for long outdoor runs, day hikes, booties, or those days where you want a little extra protection over your ankle.

Crew socks are our most common sock length. Our standard crew socks fall at the middle of the calf and are great for a wide range of shoes and activities.

There are also ¼ Crew and ¾ Crew socks that lie within similar parameters (is your head spinning yet?). While the exact lengths do vary by brand, ¼ crew socks typically fall a couple inches above the ankle while ¾ crews are a bit longer and closer to a crew length at the middle of your calf. While some brands specify these lengths in this way, other brands (like Darn Tough) call these ‘Micro Crews’.

Micro Crew socks are a bit more confusing, as we have a variety of lengths that qualify as ‘Micro Crew’. Our micro crew socks range anywhere from the ankle to the the calf muscle (different brands may call these ¼ Crew and ¾ Crew).

Boot socks are higher than your average crew socks and end at about mid-calf to fit comfortably with boots. Some of our boot socks are also over-the-calf in length, so make sure you’re reading the descriptions to find the length you want!

Knee High socks are just as the name suggests and come in at about knee length. They are also referred to as over-the-calf, depending on the brand, and are great for cooler months.

Thigh High socks fall just above your knees or around the middle of your thigh. Best worn as a fashion statement, or for practicing yoga, pilates, dance or barre.

Tube socks have a plain tubular shape without a defined heel. These one-size-fits-all socks will vary in length depending on your size and are intended for both casual and athletic wear.

Tights offer full coverage from waist to toe.

Calf Sleeves mainly consist of gradient compression, which helps to improve blood flow, relieve discomfort, reduce muscle fatigue and recovery time, and enhance your workout. Calf sleeves start at the ankle with the greatest amount of compression, and gradually decreases up towards the calf.

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