Actifi Ultra Dry Diabetic Socks are recommended for people with diabetes, circulatory problems, and neuropathy. The Actifi Ultra Dry Diabetic Sock keeps the wearer comfortably dry by directing moisture away from the skin. A high percentage of Olefin fabric means the sock stays dry all day. The therapeutic loose fit of the sock promotes healthy circulation without compromising comfort or functionality.


  • The top band comfortably holds the sock in place without leaving any markings on the leg.
  • Actifi Ultra-Dry Diabetic Socks have a non-irritating toe box for extra comfort.
  • The Y-gore heel improves the fit of the sock and reduces sagging.
  • Cushioning under the sole of the foot offers a cloud-like experience.


Length: Crew
Fabric: 50% Olefin, 39% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 3% Elastane